Hahn’s Kitchen Dishes Out Exceptional Korean Fare

Bringing Korean cuisine to Indian palates while maintaining the traditional flavour, Hahn’s Kitchen has taken Gurgaon by a storm. A venture by Ms. Cho opened in collaboration with Lite Bite Foods, it is his humble attempt to introduce the city to Korean food with a congenial and subtle establishment. The minimalistic ambience and homely vibe eliminate any resistance associated with an unknown culinary adventure and the earthy interiors embellished with tea pots, sake jars, and bowls, lend the restaurant a quintessentially Korean vibe.

The service is on-point in terms of well-informed staff, though the language becomes a barrier when explaining your preferences or looking for recommendations. However, it is a small obstacle and there is nothing a bright smile can’t fix and at Hahn’s beaming smiles are offered at all times!

Korean food is synonymous with kimchi but Hahn’s is taking the journey to deeper cities, introducing the clean, strong flavours of the cuisine without relying on the crunchy fermented cabbage (as delish as it is). Bibimbap is another signature dish representing the cuisine in the country outside it’s own but a step away from these classics lie some extraordinary dishes waiting to be discovered and relished.

Prawn Tempura.jpg

Kicking off the meal, Prawn Tempura (Kansyo Saewoo) instantly had my senses heightened with perfectly crunchy panko-coated exterior and prawn cooked just right in the centre. Served with sweet and sour sauce, it’s safe to say the dish was pièce de résistance with absolutely no oil dripping whatsoever. Next in was a repeat order of this dish but an error in communication ended us up with Prawn Tempura Sushi (Ebi Tempura) and what a beautiful error it was, for I couldn’t be more glad about it! The tempura crisp even inside the sushi had the table captivated. The size though much larger than usual California rolls was well justified considering the interior filled with prawn, avocado, and nori. Topped with a light drizzle of aioli, each bite (I just couldn’t fit it in my mouth at once) was happily relished. Pair the sushi with refreshing Hahn’s Kitchen Special Mocktail and your love for watermelon will grow by a multifold.

Drink a.jpeg Drink

Moving on to main course, beef bulgalbi is not to be missed. Melt in the mouth, the perfectly cooked meat is of supreme quality and the expat chef assures is imported to maintain authenticity. Thinly sliced, the caramelised pieces have a rich soy flavour with a hint of garlic and ginger. The meal is rounded off with some fresh fruits on house and even though I would have loved to see some desserts on the menu, it’s a great way to finish off the meal on a healthy note.

Boasting of a meat dominated menu, take your palate on a journey culinarie to Korea at Hahn’s Kitchen!

Disclaimer: The review is not sponsored and in no way biased or influenced. 


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