Ginger Ale VS. Ginger Ale Original

Disclaimer: Random banter ahead, because that’s what Lebensmittel Perspective is for (along with knowledge about anything related to food). 

I was always a root beer fan until one of my friends introduced me to this short, stout green can of Ginger Ale from Schweppes and before I knew it I was hooked! I loathe summers and every summer, I drink a ton of calorie loaded drinks including bottles (yes, not glasses) of Iced Tea, Flavoured Lemonade, Flavoured Catch Soda and many more.

Ginger Ale is simply carbonated water infused with Ginger Flavour. Not all companies use real ginger for flavouring. However, Schweppes does list “Natural Ingredients” on their drinks. Another version of Ginger Ale is Dry Ginger Ale, sold by schweppes in a red can, it is recognised as a Canadian creation and is often referred as Canadian Ginger Ale. It is more pale in colour and used as a mixer for alcoholic drinks.

After giving it quite some thought, I analysed the Nutritional Facts of all these drinks and as it turned out Ginger Ale has more Energy and the lowest fat and sugar content. Now, I had a valid reason to drink Ginger Ale everyday! Then suddenly my beloved drink disappeared from the market and instead came a long,slim can like the other coke and pepsi cans, Original Ginger Ale (flavoured). Not giving it much thought, I tried it out and it wasn’t the same as said by everyone else! At least to me it wasn’t.

The Nutritional Facts of both are same, the ingredients are same, so I couldn’t contemplate why they were different. Original Ginger Ale is manufactured in India, while the short, stout can Ginger Ale is manufactured in Middle east. Hence, even the price difference. The Indian version costs Rs.50, while the Middle East one costs Rs.95 . Why would people be willing to pay extra for the same amount of quantity (300mL) of the same product of the same company ? Flavour.

Well, contrary to what most people feel, there is a significant difference in flavour (Maybe not extremely significant but enough to make me not like the Indian version). GingerAle has a clean, sweet, soft ginger flavour at first but leaves a slightly sharper pungent flavour as you drink. On the other hand, Original Ginger Ale has more sharper and pungent flavour. It’s not as soft on the palate as the other one which is the major reason I prefer the short stout can.

Yes, I know this is quite a lame post, but it doesn’t harm to know a few simple factoids about extremely random things. Now when someone brings up ginger ale, you have a plethora of facts in the arsenal, and not just – yeah I like it or yeah I don’t.



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