The Overhyped Restaurant – Instapizza

When it comes to pizza, my love knows no bounds! However, there are more places that disappoint, than those which leave you with the classic “pizza euphemism” let alone getting an authentic Italian pizza.  Hence, I stopped experimenting with my pizza and limited it to either Dominos or Fine-Dine Restaurants (Indigo and DIVA being some of the best). In light of all the noise Instapizza was creating, I decided to make an exception. It’s being featured almost everywhere and everyone is raving about it, so even though I tend to avoid hyped restaurants this one I had to try (something about hearing it’s a good pizza, makes you want to take the plunge).

Disclaimer : Aggressively Emotional Article coming your way! Written in two parts, displaying the  encounters with this pizza chain. 

The first experience left me appalled and angry, so it was only after a good few months of letting the anger settle, did I gear up for another round. Sadly, it was just as disappointing and even though I couldn’t try their signature deep dish both times, its safe to say I wouldn’t be visiting them again for it; at-least for the next few months; The first two experiences were just so horrendous!

Order Date: 07/05/16, Saturday 

A weekend order ought to take long, so I had no 30 minute expectations. However, the ordering process itself took about 10 minutes and the order reached me a good 1hour 20mins later which wasn’t good considering I was having a serious hunger pang! Keeping that aside, I was excited because the food was finally here (but not for long).


The packaging was dull. Serving pizza, they ought to recognise that most of the orders would be for delivery or take-away, so going an extra mile to make it more sturdy and comforting isn’t that unreasonable. The sole “specially baked for” sticker with a lighting bolt, did not cut it for me. It felt very uninspired.

Opening the box, the pizza looked pretty much dead {yes, food can be alive and dead, even though technically it’s (almost) always dead}, I was disappointed. It was cold (no doubt) so after re-heating in the microwave, I got ready to dig in.


Create you Own Pizza- 

Selection: New York style crust with smoked chicken, chicken meatballs, onions, capsicum, olives and basil.

The crust was chewy and half-way through, it felt like I was torturing my jaw. New York style crust is supposed to be plump on the edges and flattened out to form a thin crust in the middle, so when you pick a slice it almost falls down and you roll it up to eat (the true New York way) however, it was nothing like that. It was thick all over and even more on the sides. A chewy crust is possibly one of the worst things that can happen to a pizza and exactly what happened to this one. The sauce was good, full of herbs but also spices, like an Indian pizza sauce. Smoked chicken had a strong smoky flavour which I enjoyed, however the chicken meatballs were of terrible quality; the casing of the meatballs was chewy and the inside was soft. Onions and capsicum were overcooked. Basil had lost its colour. Olives were definitely one of the best things on it!


Monster Non.Veg Lasagna

There was nothing monster about this lasagna! I was expecting quantity along with quality, but sadly both weren’t there. The lamb mince was filled throughout but the quality was not good. The pasta sheets were barely there. Lasagna is supposed to be made with bolognese, but this was just lamb mice in a sauce and way too much of it (maybe, thats what they mean by monster). I left it after just a few bites because the quality of mutton was below par and I had no intentions to put my body through any more harm after the jaw breaking pizza.

To sum it up, they unleashed some serious wrath inside me with this ghastly food! Like I say, food is about emotions and it doesn’t always bring out the good ones, definitely not when its this bad.

Order Date: 16/11/2016, Wednesday 

The second time around I wanted to visit the place in person and experience the interiors and service. It’s a small outlet located on first floor Galleria with a sign that’s glaring strong in the eyes and you can’t miss. A limited seating available outside and inside with wooden slabs and bar chairs, it was clear the decor is worn out. Just beside the seating is the cooking counter and storage space which looked less than clean, but no where close to what I hoped.

After placing the order, I observed the chefs who seemed confused. One person opened some package and added chicken strips to a bowl and chucked them in the oven, while another was opening a Del Monte tinned can of red chillies, which he inverted into their toppings bowl. Not the kind of toppings I want! Fresh ingredients are important and while its not possible for all ingredients but it felt like they use almost all canned ingredients. After a 20 minutes wait, my meal was ready and I took it downstairs to go sit in my car and eat. (It was night time and the restaurant was more crowded with their own staff that customers, so I felt it was the better option.)

Margherita Pizza- 

A chewy crust,mediocre tomato sauce, barely there and not good quality cheese, topped with dead pieces of basil. They add basil before putting in the oven which completely destroys its colour and freshness. I have never regretted eating a pizza as much as this one.

Crispy Fried Chicken Fingers-

The quality of chicken was poor, the fingers were extremely greasy, undercooked and had a very thick coating; couldn’t eat them. However, the peri peri dip accompanying the chicken fingers was quite delicious.

Overall, I repent ever visiting this place a second time. Everyone can keep raving about it, but I am definitely not on the Instapizza bandwagon!

Instapizza Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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