Love For Food: My Food Story

A few months ago I was questioned, why I am in the food industry? My answer was simple: I love food! The counter to this, I did not see coming; Everyone loves food, what makes you different? I was baffled and at that point I couldn’t possibly give the correct or the most sensible answer. Nerves got the better of me and I wrecked the interview (Its fine, happens to everyone I guess).

However, I was left with an afterthought. Everyone does love food; So do I, but they don’t go around making it a career, was I best suited in science?

Well, no.

Yes, everyone does love food, they sure love to eat and more than that, post about it. But, there are a few whose lives are concentrated around it and from that, there is only a niche group who like to learn about it as much as they love to eat. Of course, I love to eat! But even more than that, I love learning about food. I thrive on knowledge, I want to know everything about everything. Everyone wants to travel the world and try different cuisines, does that make me no different from others? It actually does. My reasons for those goals are different. Food for me is about culture, traditions, people, feelings and passion. When people say gastronomic food, that too is a culture, a culture of science. I want to visit different countries and see how their culture is showcased through food, I don’t simply want to eat, revel in joy with a tummy full as potato and come back home with an Instagram following larger than my trip (not that there is something wrong with that). My aspirations are more. I see more to food that just what is presented in front of me, I see the hard work gone into thinking about that dish, the effort in making it, the management ensured for its consistency, the culture behind every traditional recipe, the years and influences from which it evolved, the celebration at the end when someone eats it and simply smiles.

Food isn’t just a plate of ingredients, its science, its emotions, its culture and its knowledge! That is what makes me different; My thirst for knowledge behind the so evident plate of food.

So stay connected as I navigate through this journey and share my knowledge with you!


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