Air Asia’s New Gourmet Menu!

I was recently invited to a bloggers meet by Air Asia, to test their new gourmet menu. As I have stated before, I choose the events to attend with utmost scrutiny and ample research. So, after multiple mails of declining to attend tastings at different restaurants, I knew this was one I couldn’t miss and thus, it became the first to be featured in my blog’s new category – BloggersTable!

Air Asia is an economical airline and therefore, has an option of choosing food separately and not included in the ticket. You can either buy the meal on board or book them in advance (I strongly suggest booking your choice of meal in advance, so you not only get what you want but also eliminate the need to hassle around the airport before boarding to grab a bite because you aren’t sure what will be available in-flight). Enjoy the leisure you get, by know you are going to be relishing a hearty, delicious meal on board.

The new gourmet menu is a major step-up for budget-friendly flights. Providing an option of various cuisines for each meal, Air Asia is giving its patrons a significant reason to fly on board (no one likes to stuff themselves before boarding long-haul flights because the food inflight isn’t good).

Read on for my favourites from the new gourmet menu launched by Air Asia!

Disclaimer : During the tasting we were ensured that everything is prepared and served just like it would be in-flight.


Corn Fried Rice with Vegetable Manchurian

Manchurian is one of the most popular chinjabi dishes and a nostalgic memory for most. The vegetable dumplings floating in a soy, rich gravy are made with minced or chopped vegetables. Easy to get wrong, Air Asia got them on point. Accompanied by corn fried, it is a meal which will not disappoint.


Grilled Chicken Breast with Mushroom Sauce and Vegetables

The chicken was good quality and cooked to perfection (not an easy task when you are serving food which has undergone such tedious process of cooking) accompanied by a rich, flavourful mushroom sauce, it was delicious! The vegetables were well cooked and still had a little crunch to them. Season with salt and pepper according to taste to enhance the fruity flavour from bell peppers. The fried potatoes suffered the fate of all fried items being delivered, sogginess.


Cheese Omelette, Lyonnaise Potatoes and Chicken Tikka 

Lyonnaise potatoes are a french preparation consisting of pan-fried sliced potatoes accompanied by caramelised onions and parsley. These were my favourite. Adding a starch component to the meal, it made it filling. The omelette in large quantities is not an easy fleet to prepare whether you are cooking for guests on your breakfast table or for passengers in the flight. However, Air Asia managed to woo me, with this beautiful, fluffy cheese omelette that was cooked just right! The chicken tikka seemed like a weird addition at first, but it was still delectable to eat.


Grilled Basa with Potatoes and Sautéed Vegetables

Do not hesitate to order fish while on board, because the basa we were served was cooked flawlessly. Soft and flaky inside, with a nice crust on top. Potatoes were well seasoned rand made it a substantial meal, while the vegetables added nutrition; giving you enough energy to go about your work after the flight.

Overall, Air Asia is taking economical flight meals up a notch by not sticking to the basics and offering some scrumptious servings!

Lebensmittel Insight : The bloggers meet at Air Asia was extremely insightful in learning the process that goes behind getting a box of food onboard. The food regulations are very strict because when you are flying in air, hygiene is the number one priority. The food is cooked, chilled to 5 degrees and then re-heated on board in carts. Depending upon the food item and quantity the temperature is set in the oven.

Lebensmittel Disclaimer : The review is not sponsored and in no way biased or influenced. 

All photos by Air Asia


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