The Bombaykery is a unique name for a patisserie and intriguing enough to peak a customers interest. After talking to Karan, I was informed that the name is well thought and is extremely significant to them, since they hail from Bombay. The menu is inspired by the city and most of the flavours are either available solely or originated in Bombay. Tender Coconut, Mucchad Paan and Kala Khatta are a few signature examples.

One of the most fascinating pieces of information I received was the hard work put into making the Tender Coconut Cake. The coconuts are not easy to source, specially since the malai from the centre is needed in good amounts. After having found a vendor, the coconuts are now brought in, broken apart to scoop the malai and thus, used in the cake. I can only imagine the dedication and effort that goes into the process.

Lebensmittel Insight : They are soon opening an outlet in Delhi and also introducing a savoury menu! The outlet might be opening as soon as November and possibly in South Delhi. Gurgaon will come next, so deliveries need to suffice till then.


Nutella and Sea Salt Cookies

A good crunch on the outside and gooey from inside (heat for 1min to get the best of both). Smudged with Nutella in the centre and chocolate chips in the batter, it will give those everyday chocolate chip cookies a run for their money. Slightly more sea salt would have made a stronger impression, but even a little addition enhanced the flavour immensely. You can expect greasy hands while eating this cookie thanks to generous amounts of butter, but what’s a cookie without butter! Though the large cookie wasn’t large enough.



Salted Caramel Popcorn : Tea cake like texture, iced with caramel and crowned with a few caramel popcorns, it had the right balance of sweet and salt. However, the popcorns had lost their crunch which was an absolute shame, because that different texture would have added another dimension to this beautiful cupcake.

Nutella : If you like scooping up Nutella from the jar, this cupcake was custom made for you! Not only is this chocolate cupcake generously iced with Nutella, it is cut in half and layered inside. The texture of the cake is soft and evolves into pure lusciousness as you eat.

Red Velvet : [Disclaimer : I do not like Red Velvet! I know its considered a cardinal sin these days, but nothing about this cake appeals to me] The texture of the cake was light and fluffy with a smooth cream cheese frosting. However, the frosting had quite high levels of salt which sharply disrupted the sweetness, leaving the palate (almost) appalled!


Lemon Tart

A soft pastry base which isn’t crumbling or too firm, but a little bland in colour. The lemon custard was smooth to a fault. Sweet at first, it folds into a strong puckering lemon flavour with soft notes of bitter. It easily qualifies as one of the best lemon curds available in town. The meringues on top with lemon rings are not only aesthetically beautiful but great to eat (despite being so tiny in size)!



New York Cheesecake : Rich, dense, smooth and creamy, this baked cheesecake was everything you would expect. Sweet with the right amount of salt and slight tones of tart, it had a strong cheese flavour. The brown pastry covering had a soft texture but added absolutely nothing to the cheesecake. A crunch in the base would have added another dimension elevating the dessert.

Kala Khatta : Decadent cheesecake filled with a berry compote. I initially assumed they used Phalsa berries (Grewia asiatica), however it was clarified that its made with blueberry and blackberries (possibly black salt is added) and inspired by the the Kala Khatta ice stick (gola) available at Juhu and Chowpati beach. Sweet, salty and sour it is appropriately named Kala Khatta.


Red Velvet Cheesecake Brownie

An amalgamation of red velvet, cheesecake and brownie! It’s intriguing to the say the least. The cheesecake was perfect, however the proportion made it a little overpowering and dominant on the red velvet brownie. Nonetheless, this was one of the most indulgent desserts of all.


Hazelnut Krispy Krunch

A beautifully layered dessert. If you cut this from the centre, you will be amused! A hazelnut and chocolate crunch at the bottom, followed by a soft fluffy cake, topped with luscious hazelnut caramel and surrounded by a flawless light mousse consisting of hazelnuts in between. The only error was in the glaze, it wasn’t smooth enough and looked unappealing. The flavour was strong and nutty from hazelnut.

Disclaimer : I normally do not approach chefs/owners/employees of the establishment while writing a review, as it removes the anonymous factor. However, there were a few facts which I absolutely had to check before publishing the article and I had already written the review after multiple orders from the bakery. Thus, in no way is the article influenced or affected.

Part 1 Available here : https://lebensmittelsite.wordpress.com/2016/08/28/a-patisserie-admist-the-city-bombaykery-part-1/

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