The sweet scene in Delhi has come a long way in the past few years. Introduction of french pastry has helped develop the palate of Delhites. The Bombaykery is another establishment bringing fine pâtisserie to the city. Started somewhat 8 months ago, it has made quite a mark with everyone for their fine quality, clean flavours and some amazing pastry techniques that are evident from the end product.

Other establishments like L’opéra just don’t cut it for me, because they don’t deliver on the quality promised, maybe because of expansion beyond measures. However, Bombaykery is a small, single unit bakery focussed solely on quality and customer satisfaction. Run by Mitali, the head chef and Karan; two very humble people who are working towards a single goal of making a foothold in the industry {which they very much deserve}.

What appeals me the most about this bakery is the use of premium quality ingredients and despite having relatively common flavours and a few unconventional ones on the menu, they are actually poles apart from what is otherwise available in the city! There is finesse, excellence and refined craftsmanship in all their products, combined with the ingredient of emotion and passion for sugar.

The concept of bite-sized desserts is relativity new for bakeries here; however, is one of the more advanced approaches to achieve distinction. It is almost like canapés, petite yet intricate and set the bar for flavour, technique and your palate. The fact that their desserts are small in size, only increases the pressure for an elevated level of excellence. {It also decreases the guilt of indulging or over-indulging for you!}

The care and attention isn’t limited to just the desserts, its evident even through packaging and services. Their delivery is prompt on most days, however at times (specially around festive seasons) you will face trouble regarding this. Picking up is another hassle as the location isn’t easily accessible and Google Maps will leave you stranded mid-way.

Tender Coocnut.png

Tender Coconut Cake 

One of their signature cakes and my favourites; This unique creation is light, refreshing, smooth and absolutely angelic ! It can illuminate anyone’s face with a smile. Bits of tender coconut with custard layered between a vanilla cake and decorated with white chocolate swirls forming a flower, surrounded by grated coconut grass, it is truly an experience to enjoy. The cake melts in your mouth, releasing different textures, chewiness from the coconut, creaminess of the custard and fluffiness of the cake.

Belgian Chocolate.png

Belgian Chocolate Mousse Cake 

The dark chocolate mousse is smooth to a fault. It has the perfect balance, without being bitter or sweet.



Lavender : A beautiful fragrant flavour! Smooth on the outside and mellow on the inside, the texture of this macaroon is near perfect. The crust of the cookie is thin and provides just the right amount of crunch with soft and slightly chewy inside. The cookie to cream ratio is ideal and the cream in between has a refreshingly strong lavender flavour.

Raspberry : The texture was slightly dry, with a semi-hard crust that broke into a soft centre. The chocolate ganache dominated the palate and raspberry was faint. The ganache did have a slight lingering raspberry flavour but that wasn’t enough.

Chocolate : Strong chocolate flavour but slightly sweeter than preferred. The cookie had a mushy consistency but was better than raspberry.

Paan : Green exterior with burgundy cream inside, it was a perfect replication of paan. The flavours were spot on. Rather sweet, but nonetheless ravishing!

Champagne : It was falling apart, the texture was just not right. I couldn’t pick up any flavour other than chocolate.

Passion Fruit : Extremely soft and breaking apart, it reached me already cracked. The passion fruit flavour was strong but had a bitter aftertaste, making it unpalatable.

Cheese sticks.jpeg

Cheese Sticks 

A strong sharp, pungent red cheddar flavour which personally I liked but others did not. It is an acquired taste, however, if you are a cheddar fan these cheese sticks are bewitching.

Banoffee Pie.jpeg

Banoffee Pie Single Jar

A mason jar is adorable, however, eating from a jar, not so much! {specially a small jar} Getting all the layers at once was a struggle and it took away the smile when you see a perfect slice of pie. The jar took away more than it added. Coming to the layers : Dark Chocolate flakes on top which aren’t visible until you open it, add an element of surprise. Followed by whipped cream, fluffy but unsweetened. Caramel, sticky and rich. Bananas were unusually more gelatinous. The crumb was way too simple. I would have liked different textures in the crumb, maybe a few sugar flakes. Overall, I did not enjoy it much and there are a few more places which excel in this dessert more than Bombaykery.

Review continued in second part with more insights and mignardises.

The Bombaykery Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato



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