Another Fine Day for a Fine Meal

Another Fine Day is a quaint, rustic cafe situated next to Side-wok and run under the same company. As the name suggests, its all about comfort, simplicity and soul food to make your day “fine”. This casual cafe combined with the concept of Reading Room, makes for a perfect place to hangout with your friends (specially the bookworms)!

The interiors are wooden with pop-up accessories like beautiful flower pots on the table and simplistic pictures on the wall. The colours really stand out against the white walls and wooden tables. Their fun and quirky accessories like frogs, horses and other sculptures make for an interesting décor. Since no Reading Cafe can be complete without a bookshelf, they have one on the side, filled with books (and games)! The Cafe is very well lit, so you don’t have to strain your eyes to read your favourite book or play a game of Othello.

The servers are attentive and well informed, however, in the afternoon it gets pretty crowded so service is slow. The portion size is average, not enough to boost about or small enough to complain about.


I like that it’s a place where you can visit with your friends and sit for hours, while enjoying a comfort meal and playing board games or simply talking through.

Food Review :

Pasta in Creamy Carbonara Sauce – Sinful, cheesy, creamy, velvety rich sauce in perfectly cooked pasta. Strong garlic flavour which I personally like, along with pepper, it makes for a filling meal. It’s the American version of this Italian dish but still ravishing! On a cold day a bowl of this pasta in bed will do wonders.


Chicken Steak – Chicken steak filled with cheese and chicken mince, served drenched in mushroom sauce. The steak was well cooked however, the sauce lacked depth. It tasted good but, I feel because the quality of mushrooms available in Gurgaon (unless you want to spurge on the exotic ones) isn’t great, so it couldn’t impart the Unami flavour it would otherwise have.

Spaghetti with Arabiatta sauce – The pasta was cooked al dente and the sauce was refreshingly light and not too spicy.

Baked Macaroni with Chicken – It was creamy and indulgent, with a great cheese crust on top. However, it wasn’t my favourite. The sauce tasted like its made with cream and cornflour and overall, it was just average.


Chicken and Cheese Grilled Sandwich – The use a very generous amount of cheese. Stuffed with grilled chicken, lettuce and a very pungent mustard, which I quite liked, this sandwich is filling to say the least.

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 6.40.16 pm.png

Green Apple Iced Tea – It had a nice, subtle green apple flavour. Most importantly they did not serve iced made with powder out of a packet.

Raspberry Mojito – A refreshing drink with strong raspberry flavour elevated with mint and lemon.


Cotton Candy – They have a cotton candy machine right outside the kitchen window, so you can take a trip down memory lane as they spin some delicious, sweet sugar in the form of threads for you. {Who doesn’t like candy after all!}

The quality of chicken isn’t great as I have experienced through multiple visits and dishes, so I would suggest going for a vegetarian meal while ordering at this cafe.

Overall, this budget cafe is more about creating an experience than simply about food. From a food perspective, its average. As a cafe, its amazing! So many things to do, laid back place to chill, small things that make you nostalgic. Its ideal for an extended brunch with friends.

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