Sorbet Love at Mõvenpick !

Mövenpick is a Swiss Ice cream boutique which opened doors in India in 2014. Ueli Prager  started it as a restaurant in Zürich in 1948 and expanded it to 8 restaurants all over Switzerland within 10years. It then became a group of operations called Mövenpick Hotels and Resorts until 2003, when Néstle bought the international rights for Mövenpick Ice-cream and made it into a separate unit, leading to the birth of Mõvenpick : Swiss Premium Ice cream.

The brand is supported by the ideology of using natural ingredients, free from all artificial flavourings, additives and colourings. The exorbitant creamy texture and the strong flavours are due to the use of finest quality of cream and other ingredients. Even their sorbet’s have an explosive flavour and a smooth texture. The Maîtres Glaciers use gastronomy to invent new creations and achieve excellence in flavours.


The variety available in India is limited and on numerous occasions only a handful of flavours are available. The branch in Saket is more like a kiosk than an ice-cream boutique and the seating is in dire need of upgrade. The chairs are out of balance and often tumbling sideways. They literally had only 6 flavours to choose from, on my last visit. The prices are on the higher side, making it a more luxurious brand.

Their sorbets are truly impeccable and possibly the only reason why I love Mõvenpick! The lemon and lime sorbet is a burst of citrus, so refreshing and rejuvenating, that it can make you forget your entire day. The texture is smooth to a fault.

The ice-creams  are creamy, smooth and have really clean flavours. Double Cream ice-cream has a soft, sweet, subtle cream flavour that can instantly soothe your palate and Swiss Chocolate, is a complete delight.

On my recent visit Stracciatella, the classic Italian ice-cream made with Swiss cream (at mõvenpick) and blended through with fine chocolate chips, tasted fowl. It had a slight pungent flavour, hinting it had almost gone bad.


The waffles are soft, dense and doughy. They use a batter made with a baking soda : the American Belgian Waffle, which is a complete shame, because it is a European brand so I expected some delicious authentic Belgian waffles made with yeast. They lacked the crunchy exterior which would have been the perfect accompaniment to double cream ice cream.

Visit Mõvenpick for their sorbet’s because truly no one does it better than them. However, the limited variety and worn out seating are big negatives. The ice-creams are definitely a step behind Häagen-dazs for me.

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