I had just come back home after a long day and wasn’t in the mood for anything extravagant or expensive. I checked online and came across FoodPort, which had some really good reviews and a short menu which changes daily. I liked the concept, because it means you will always get fresh food.

I placed my order through Zomato, for one bhuna chicken pita and one butter chicken with lachha parantha. However, within a few minutes I received a call that butter chicken is not available. They connected me through to Foodport and I was informed that the pita isn’t available. I simply changed it to Malai Chicken Tikka Roll. Both representatives from Zomato and Food Port were extremely courteous and I didn’t mind changing my order even though I was really looking forward to the Bhuna Chicken Pita Pocket. After another 30mins or so, I received another call directly from Foodport saying that Butter Chicken isn’t available either. I simply asked them how long it would take for my order to reach if I confirmed it right now, ordering something else and they said 20-25mins. I agreed and they let me know that butter chicken is available so they would be sending that within the stipulated time. The food reached me within the given time so, I was happy with the service {despite the entire fiasco}.

The packaging was not sturdy and had suffered quite a hit during delivery. I assumed that it did not come in boxes as seen in pictures, probably because of the whole mess during ordering.

However, my second experience when I directly ordered through their website was quick, smooth and easy. No problems with the order and the food was delivered within 45mins. Though they could improve on packaging specially since it’s an only delivery place.

Food Review :


Malai Tikka Roll – The chicken quality was okay, the quantity was all right. However, the chicken was not evenly cooked. There were undercooked parts which were still pink. I had to remove a lot of chicken from the roll. Even though the chicken had a nice caramelisation outside with creamy marinade, the addition of sautéed onions gave an unnecessary sweetness, which overpowered the harmony of flavours.

Butter Chicken with Lachha Paratha – It said during order, its served with dal and curd. All I received was limited quantity of butter chicken which was basically just tangy and had no real spices or flavours. The chicken morsels were again undercooked. The naan wasn’t my favourite.


Schezwan Black Pepper Chicken – The portion was small, however, the flavour was there. I really liked the chilli and strong pepper hit. However, the chicken pieces were quite big and just not that appetising.

I have to mention that all food was still hot when I received it. However, it’s not a place I would order from again. I understand the concept of delivering home-like food at affordable prices, but to me it tasted average and that’s not what home-cooked food is about or what I sought out to eat.

Lebensmittel Insight : Lachha Parantha or Lachedar Parantha is popular bread in North India, made with whole wheat flour and contains multiple layers. A South Indian counterpart is Malabar Parantha which is made with all purpose flour.
Foodport Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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