Comfort and Leisure – Bisque does it Best!

Bisque is a smooth, creamy, highly seasoned soup of French origin, traditionally based on a broth of crustaceans including shrimp, lobster and crab. Creamy soups made from pureed vegetables, fruits or fungi are also referred as Bisque’s. This light, simple soup packs quite a punch of flavours. The bakery cafe stands true to its name, providing delicious, decadent, rustic food with simple flavours and a little zing. They serve comfort food done exceptionally well but, nothing extravagant.

The interiors are wooden rustic and could do with an upgrade but the ambience takes a back seat for the food. The bakery is self-service which is another negative, however the food is quickly prepared and depending on what you order it takes about 10-15mins.

They have quite a range of breads, cakes, cookies and puffs. Their main course menu is limited, with classic dishes to which they do justice and a Today’s special blackboard from which you can order anything and wouldn’t be disappointed.

We normally begin our meal with a salad. Remember the make your own salad stations which were extremely popular till a few years (actually no, a century) back ?  Yeah, they still have that. But this make your own salad bar is never a disappointment, everything is lively and just my looking, you can tell how fresh all the ingredients are. They have enough options to completely stuff your bowl and enjoy each bite with a smile.

My salad is always layered with vinaigrette pasta on the bottom, followed by macaroni with mayonnaise, thinly cut vegetables and chicken salami in vinaigrette, chicken sausages with tomatoes in thousand island sauce and finished off with just a little scoop of pineapple and corns. Even though they have additional sauces, I never felt the need to add them. Once you mix up the salad, its truly amazing!

There soups are a complete meal. Served in a big bowl with a side of garlic bread, it makes for a perfect winter dinner. Cream of Mushroom soup is probably one of my favourites. It’s creamy and rich, infused with strong mushroom flavour, it does justice to the name.

Next on my list is their sizzler: I prefer the Mix Grill Sizzler over Chicken Steak as it has a more creamier peanut butter sauce. (I have tried to replicate it, but to no avail) The good thing is, each time they make the sauce fresh with the sizzler, using juices from the pan in which they cooked the meat, but this also means that it never tastes exactly the same! Yet it is almost always delicious!

The mix grill sizzler contains chicken sausages, grilled chicken, chicken salami, all loaded in the ravishing sauce. The chicken steak is also cooked to perfection but has a more diluted sauce, sometimes with a peanut butter base and often with a white wine base.

All Sizzlers are served on a bed of vegetables, potato wedges which are delight to eat and two slices of grilled bread.

Chicken with Rice is another exceptional dish, whether you opt for Mongolian Chicken, barbecue chicken or even chicken stroganoff. They are all drool-worthy delicious !


Coming to desserts, their Chocolate Excess Pie is a chocolate lovers heaven! Its ganache is rich, decadent, sinful, creamy and with a crumbly base, it’s simply perfection. They don’t shy away in portions and serve quite a generous piece rather than the mini tarts.

Chocolate vanilla cake is another one of my favourites. Soft, light chocolate sponge cake and vanilla cream in between the layers, it is light to eat, but still delicious !

The breads are always fresh as they pretty much sell out everyday. The garlic crostini is a must have! It goes well with just about everything. Whether you making grilled chicken, lasagna or want to serve some canapé’s , it has the perfect use!

Over the past few years, I have noticed a definite decrease in the quality of their puffs. It almost feels like they use leftover chicken for creating the filling of puffs the next day. I do not recommend these, at-least until they bounce back on the quality.

One of the major issues with Bisque is inconsistency. Some days are absolutely amazing and no matter what you order its going to be lip-smacking delicious, whereas some days the food just doesn’t match the strands set by the diner itself. It feels such a disappointment to visit on one of those days. Though, it is always buzzing with quite a crowd whether it’s a good or bad day.

Bisque is a perfect diner {almost}! Quality, quantity, value for money, flavours, it has it all. {Sometimes I literally have to force myself to stop eating before I burst! Just saying} I  hope they can get a handle on consistency, because over the years I have seen what this bakery is capable of and its just amazing!

Bisque Bakery Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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