Comfort At Its Peak – Cafe Delhi Heights

Cafe Delhi Heights opened doors in Cross Point Mall for the first time and took the city by a storm with its signature Juicy Lucy Burger. Designed to be a comfort cafe + diner , it definitely was on point with the menu, quality, quantity, value for money and of course the interiors. It’s cozy, relaxing vibe and laid back seating (for all us lazy ones), is a major reason for people to visit. You can take up a small area and sit here for hours, talking and eating without the constant stares from waiters to leave already!


It is a fun, quirky place with a wide range of dishes from different cuisines, so you get to pick your favourite comfort food. Some time ago, the service had taken a hit at their first location, however they seem to have revamped and are back in full force in all their establishments. What began as a single cafe, has now expanded into a brand with 7 locations all over Delhi and the next one opening up in Connaught Place.

The branch in Saket is always lively and chirping with a crowd. They have seating as a kiosk, as well as inside in the cafe. The staff is courteous, acknowledged about the menu and what is best ordered, on a daily basis. The service isn’t lighting fast but good and considering its all about relaxing in the vibe, it’s a good thing you get a little time before your food arrives.

Food Review :


Fettuccine with Mushroom, Almonds and Celery Cream – The pasta was cooked to perfection. The celery cream was smooth, rich but not heavy. It had a nice celery flavour which wasn’t too overpowering but added the mild sweetish aromatic flavour characteristic of the plant. The mushrooms were a great addition and intensified the umami flavour with the meatiness. Almonds added for garnish did not make a significant difference to the dish.


Scamorza Pizza – Smoked chicken with smoked cheese. It was delicious, the smoked flavour in chicken was intense but not overpowering and to balance it, the cheese was lightly smoked. As scrumptious as it was, the sweet smoky flavour got a little overwhelming after two slices. Its best eaten in a group where you can savour the flavour and enjoy it in limited quantities. The base was a little crunchy and the pizza sauce ratio was little less.

Smoking is a beautiful technique of infusing flavour while cooking. By using a smoking gun, you can smoke food without cooking, almost like a gaseous marinade.


Fish and Chips – They use sole fish which is of good quality, so I was pretty happy when it arrived. Served with perfectly crispy fried potato wedges and a tangy tartar dip. The fish was slightly oily and could have been crispier, but it was still good to eat. The tartar dip was great. It had a nice acidity and refreshing flavour due to lime, balanced with the sharpness of capers.

Tartar Sauce is a mayonnaise or aioli-based sauce with smooth or rough consistency, made by adding lime, lemon juice, capers, gherkins, dill or even jalapeño’s. It is a great accompaniment to seafood.

Strawberry Lemonade – Light and refreshing, it has a soft strawberry and lime flavour which make for a perfect accompaniment with just about anything. I liked the fact that the lemonade was clear and had no lemon or strawberry pulp or grains.

Cranberry Coconut Colada – Perfection! It had a beautiful balance of the sweet and acidic cranberry flavour and the soothing effect of coconut water and milk. A jar of this in hand is like being on a beach. Inspired from Piña Colada, which is a cocktail, made with rum, coconut cream or milk and pineapple. This is its Mocktail counterpart with cranberry flavouring.


Caramel Frappe Latte – The caramel flavour was overpowering for me, but my friend really liked it. I felt it was way too sweet. However, the coffee level was just right and so was the consistency. It wasn’t too thick or too thin.

Each branch has a small blackboard where they note the No. of Juicy Lucy burgers ordered. Juicy Lucy Burger consists of one 250gm lamb patty stuffed with cheese inside. It is served with a knife in between to hold it down. It’s more of an adventure and fascination than it is about the taste.

Other recommendations : Open faced Chicken Burger, Minty Lemonade.

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