How To Beat The Summer Heat!

Summers are here and in full force! When its 46 degree’s outside, it ought to affect both your head and your body. It’s not only important to stay hydrated with water but also to maintain your health. All this heat isn’t doing any good to it anyway.

I bring to you a list of drinks (and where to get them) which will help you beat the summer and in a good way!

Masala Chaach (Indian Buttermilk)

One of the best choices for fighting the heat. It isn’t only delicious, light and refreshing, its good for your health. Add some Jeera (cumin seeds) from top to increase its digestive value.

Available at Mother Dairy in both plain and masala flavours


Lassi is another traditional Indian drink from Punjab, used to beat the summer heat. It can be taken sweet or salted. Thicker than Chaach, it is made with yoghurt and cream.

Available at Mother Dairy in both sweet and salted options

Aam Panna

A tangy drink made with raw mango and mint, it has great heat-resistant properties. It prevents the loss of sodium and iron caused due to sweating and is a good source of vitamins.

Ready to drink available in PaperBoat. A powder mix which is easy to use and store, available at Healthy Foods, Delhi 

Nimbu Shikvanji (Masala Lemon Soda)

The simplest drink to make, nimbu shikvanji is a lemon soda made with shikvanji mix of spices which have digestive properties. If you don’t have the shikvanji masala, just go for basic lemonade. It’s still just as good a remedy for summers.

Shikvanji Masala available at Jain Shikanji, Modinagar or opt for Jaljeera by Paperboat


Commonly known as Rooh Afza, it is a refreshing drink made with a blend of herbs and juices and has a unique rose aroma. It is a great remedy to counteract the effects of hot summer wind.

Available as a syrup manufactured by Hamdard 

Khus Sherbet

This drink has impeccable cooling effect and makes for a perfect thirst quencher. Prepared from the roots of khus (a type of grass), it is with mixed with kerwra (screw-pine) and has a very distinct refreshing smell, characteristic of the plant. Add the syrup to water or mix with milk, it can be used in a variety of ways.

Available as a syrup by Haldirams 

Coconut Water

Nothing beats the good old coconut water for hydrating during summers. It contains electrolytes to keep you going and has a cool refreshing feel. Give the packaged bottles a skip and go for Fresh Coconut Water available readily during this time in vegetable markets and street sides.

Go grab the drink of your choice!


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