The Kachori Co.

Kachori is one of Delhi’s favourite street foods. They make for perfect breakfast, brunch, lunch and even an evening snack. This fried, crispy and spicy snack has quite a debated history. It is said to have been popularised even before the samosa in Delhi. Originating from either Uttar Pradesh or Rajasthan, its variations are seen all over the country.

A traditional Kachori (from Uttar Pradesh) is a flattened round ball made of fine flour, stuffed inside with a baked mixture of yellow moong dal or urad dal (pulses) with besan, black pepper, chilli, salt and other spices, which are widely varied. This is accompanied by aloo sabzi and is rarely eaten alone. On the contrary, the kachori most famous in Rajasthan is Pyaaz Kachori, stuffed with caramelised onions cooked in chilli and other spices. It is best enjoyed alone to relish the sweet flavour from onions, countered by the chilli. It is quite a delicacy !

The varieties are unlimited, Mawa Kachori from Jodhpur is sweet and in Delhi it is commonly eaten as a chaat, served crushed with matra (dried yellow peas). This street food is impeccably diverse.

The Kachori Co. aims to take this diversity global and spread their passion for Kachori’s all over the world. This QSR (Quick Service Restaurant) has simplistic interiors and minimalistic looks, focusing just on food. The packaging is neat and sends across the message of the brand.

Food Review : 

Kachori – We tried all their varieties ranging from dal(pulses), matar(peas), pyaaz(onions) and Chole. The kachoris are crispy, less oily than expected but lack the push that would make you want to eat it again. They ranged pretty much average, almost felt uninspired. The dal kachori had the best stuffing, it wasn’t too spicy, right amount of stuffing making for a good kachori overall and something you would want to eat again.


Kadhi – This was delicious. Light, refreshing, a little spicy but still delectable to eat nonetheless. Definitely something I would love to enjoy with a simple plate of rice.

Aloo Subzi – It was quite spicy for my palate and the flavours were nothing exceptional.


Mirchi Pakora (Chilli Fritter) – Super spicy, stuffed inside with potatoes, it will literally blow your mind. But if you like chilli, you must give this a try.

Mawa Kachori – This sweet kachori is a signature of Jodhpur, it is executed well but not so well that I would go ahead and recommend everyone.

Lebensmittel Tip : Since we are on the topic of kachori’s, if you find yourself in Jaipur, do not miss out on pyaaz kachori by Rawat ! It is absolutely ravishing!

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