Lub Lub Lebanese

Lub Lub Lebanese is a recently opened, small restaurant in Baani Sqaure, Gurgaon. Established by ex-Masterchef India finalist – Ashish Singh, the passion gone behind it is clearly visible the moment you enter. The name “Lub Lub Lebanese” is well thought with Lub representing Love in Punjabi , which you definitely will fall in once you eat here.


The ambience is just as well thought. Everything is kept clean, simple and organised in a fashion that it does not appear cramped. In order to maximise the area usage, there are no fancy embellishments in the restaurant, just a few pictures hanging on the walls and an open kitchen. The white and yellow interiors really pop-up to give a lively feel. Everything is so crisp and well defined that you feel a sense of hygiene and cleanliness almost instantly as you enter.

Upon entering we were greeted by Mr. Nitin Kapoor {co-owner}, who very courteously suggested us what to order and then went around to explain the concept behind the restaurant. A personal touch by the owners, shows just how much they value their customers and somehow you end up enjoying the food more when you know the story behind it.

During this time we received our orders, Chicken Shawarma, Lamb Shawarma and a complementary drink Twisad, which they insisted we ought to try! All this while I was watching the chef make our meal and just soaking in how organised and spotless the kitchen was. (I feel open kitchens are one of the best things. What’s better than to see your food being made in front of you!)

Lamb Shawarma

First bite into the Lamb Shawarma and this restaurant had won me over. The lamb was cooked to perfection and melted in the mouth. The quality was phenomenal! They source their Lamb fresh from Gazipur everyday and with a lot of difficulties found a vendor to provide them with only lamb and no mixing of mutton! It is probably the most amazing Lamb, I have had in the longest time.

They have a one-day rule for all ingredients, emphasising that the meat, baked breads and vegetables are all sourced fresh every morning and extras are not used the next day. The meat is cut, supplied and used within one day to ensure freshness and quality everyday (not something you can easily achieve or find in most restaurants).

Chicken Shawarma

As a person who does not prefer Red Meat and jumps to eat the chicken version, I did not want to even leave the lamb shawarma. However, I did try the chicken shawarma but it was a little overcooked making it slightly dry, the quality was good.

I did find the Hummus to be a little grainy but I still look forward to trying Ras Asfour, one of my favourite Lebanese dishes. Ras Asfour meat served in Hummus eaten with Pita.

Shawarma is an Arab meat preparation, cooked with Lamb, Mutton, Beef or Chicken and may be grilled for as long a day on a vertical spit. The shavings of meat are cut and rolled in pita along with fresh and pickled vegetables, hummus, tahini, tabbouleh and fattoush.

They try to maintain its true integrity, however as the Lub also stands for punjabi love, they add quite a few Punjabi Sauces to it, like Mint and Chilli. The Middle Eastern cuisine is not about chilli and they recognise that, therefore after another chat about the same, I realised they end up making these changes to please the customers (every customer is just as important). To enjoy it the true Lebanese way, just ask them not to add any extra sauces and I am sure they will accommodate to their best!

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 4.38.28 pm.png

The drink Twisad was quite a head spinner. My first sip and I made up my mind that the core ingredients were Mandarin, Mint and Lemon. However, I couldn’t be further from it! After almost drinking the entire thing and wondering about the combination, they finally gave it away. It was Apricot, Peach and Ginger (At least lemon and mint were right). I love discovering new flavours and to me this drink itself is enough reason for me to go back.

Overall, Lub Lub Lebanese is excelling in everything. Whether its location, ambience, hygiene, quality, quantity, prices, flavours, gastronomy and simplicity! It’s a place where everything comes together.

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