History in Making or Values Forgotten ? – KARIM’S

Karim’s is an iconic restaurant which first opened doors in 1931, with a philosophy of serving royal food to the common man. Established by Haji Karimuddin, it all began with a small shop in Gali Kababian, near Jama Masjid and now, has reached a stature where the name Karim’s is synonymous with the place.

It first expanded in 1990, with another branch opening at Nizamuddin West and went on to capture the entire Delhi NCR region with 17 locations (currently open). The chain is now being run by the fourth generation and is being expanded like never before.

However, I feel it is more difficult to maintain a brand than create one and thats what Karim’s seem’s to be struggling with. Some of the branches continue to do well, like the original one near Jama Masjid and the first expansion in Nizamuddin West but, many other are facing the complication of maintaining standards and living upto the expectations from the original restaurant.

This makes me wonder, is it possible to have multiple restaurants serve food with the same love and passion as the one shop which was all Haji Karimuddin had. Did the passion get lost somewhere through the generations and expansion? Is it now just one of those food chains which only care about capturing the market and not the food?

The Food Industry is growing, now more than ever and the iconic restaurants of Delhi are being faced with the dilemma of becoming a business {which might lose the integrity of the original} or continuing along the same lines as their forefathers and sticking to the original (and its values). Each one chooses a different path. Karim’s decided to expand whereas, some others like Wenger’s and Chaina Ram are still in the same old shops with the same old food and the same old love. For them, they are continuing the legacy. Whereas, Karim’s is expanding the legacy {but is it maintaining its integrity?} . I don’t have an answer for it yet. Maybe, somewhere down the line they will be able to get consistency throughout the chain and still maintain the values of the Brand. {I hope they do}

Till then, gorge on my review for their branch (closest to my home) in Global Foyer.

Food Review : 

Butter Chicken – Cooked the traditional Old Delhi style, the gravy is thick and sweet. The boneless chicken was soft and the quality was good. It is complete opposite to what is served in other restaurants of Gurgaon, like Dana Choga (I like this better)! The quantity is generous to say the least (not of chicken but gravy). Eat with rice for punjabi heaven!

Nihari – The spices were too overpowering, the meatiness of this delicious dish didn’t come through because of it. Mutton was cooked well, falling apart from the bone and the quality was good. As a person who truly loves Nihari, this did not stand upto expectations.

Nihari is a stew made by slow-cooking of meat (traditionally beef, however mutton is used in most restaurants of India). It is cooked overnight and eaten as breakfast, though over time people have started relishing it more as dinner than breakfast.

Karims 2.jpeg

Keema Naan – A novelty bread, stuffed with lamb and a layer of egg, it tasted good but was quite dry. I have very high standards for Keema Naan {Thanks to Beera Chicken in Amritsar} and this did not even come close.

Karims Special Roti (Khameeri Roti) – Perfect ! This soft fluffy bread made with yeast was just that. {Eaten with Nihari}

Overall, this branch of Karim’s does not do justice to its original shop or the cuisine. The North Indian dishes are relatively good, however they are a miss for Pakistani ones.

Lebensmittel Insight : Even though their delivery is extremely quick, the food at Old Gurgaon Branch is better. So, if you are situated in Gurgaon take out a little time to make an early order from Old Gurgaon. They serve Nihari only on weekends, unlike this branch. 

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