A Hidden Street Gem – Gohana Famous Jalebi

Upon several drives around GoodEarth and Baani Square at odd hours of the day we found a small shop standing alone in a completely deserted mall – Rodeo Drive. With no shops around, the place was still buzzing with quite a crowd around the shop. Such a following intrigued me, so we ventured further.

Even though the name said Gohana Famous Jalebi, I had never heard of it before. So, I knew it needed some research, upon which I found out that Gohana is a town in Sonepat, Haryana known for its Jumbo-sized Jalebi’s. The most iconic shop which began serving these huge jalebi’s (weighing 250gm each!) is Matu Ram’s Jalebi. They were established in 1958 and started with a mere pricing of Re.1 per Jalebi. This shop isn’t a franchise however, I think their aim is to capture that essence of Jalebi’s served in Gohana. Keeping in mind, I haven’t been to Gohana, I still feel they do a good job of it.

They serve Street Food the true way! What I mean by that is, the food is cooked piping hot in another shop just behind this one and you can follow the smell of beautiful jalebi, samosa and pakora’s to the serving counter. They do not have any seating however, the ample space allows for convenient parking.

Since everything is made in 100% Ghee, it’s not for people dieting or planning to!

Food Review :

Samosa – Crispy, thin layer of covering with enormous amounts of potato stuffing inside. This huge samosa was a blast in the mouth (I mean literally)! The chilli levels were way too high for me and I almost had tears rolling down my eyes by the time I got through it. {So, eat at your own risk!}


Paneer Pakora – A big crunch with soft paneer inside layered with spices and salt. It definitely sets a level. They cut one piece into 4 and refry for the super crunchy exterior.

Jalebi – They are huge! Delicious and super crispy, loaded with sugar(maybe a little too much sugar for me) but enjoyable nonetheless. Jalebi also known as Zulbia in Middle East, is made by deep frying a flour(maida) batter in circular shapes until golden and then soaking in a sugar syrup often coloured orange by addition of Saffron.

Street Food is a very important part of Indian Food Culture and Samosa followed by Jalebi are probably the most relished North Indian Street Food. Considering they are meant to be eaten together, their high spice and sugar levels balance each other. If you eat them alone, well.. Have water handy!

Lebensmittel Tip : Never Microwave Jalebi, it goes soggy. The traditional way of eating a day old jalebi is to add hot milk over it and enjoy it with the sweetened milk.

Featured Image Courtesy : http://www.zoma.to/pv/u_NTQ5Mzg4MzE1MD

Gohana Famous Jalebi Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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