A major issue in the food hub of Gurgaon is mediocrity. So many restaurants serve mediocre food that it has become more acceptable to people than it should be. I for one, feel tired of such restaurants. They are so uninspired and the food { made without any love or passion } feels equivalent to eating a frozen meal, heated in the oven; Something made by a machine.

I remember watching ‘The Ramen Girl’ a few years ago, where an American girl stranded in Tokyo decides to become a Ramen chef. She cooks ramen but her Sensei insists it has “no soul”. The fact that she was cooking with her head and not her heart, made the ramen lifeless. Food is an expression of your feelings. Those feelings aren’t always positive but nonetheless, unless you cook with feelings your food will be mediocre. That is today’s scenario in most restaurants. The food industry has become so competitive and industrial that it is starting to lose its true meaning – Serving food is serving love!

Yo! China has been around for quite a few years and has expanded dramatically nationwide becoming the first and foremost Indian Chinese Chain. However, I never understood why people had a liking for this place. I am not against the Indian Chinese cuisine or what is often referred as “Chinjabi” cuisine, in fact I do tend to relish it from time to time (maybe not that frequently). However, Yo! China serves mediocre food terming it as Chinjabi. There are some restaurants which serve beautiful Chinjabi food , like Wok in the Could’s in Rajouri Garden, because they manage to include quality and flavour even while moulding the Chinese cuisine to Punjabi palate’s.

Coming to the restaurant, the branch in Sector-29 is in dire needs of a renovation. The ambience is bland and dull. The upholstery of chairs is coming apart, the dinnerware is worn out and the cutlery is just old school. They have upgraded on certain levels, like adding a new variety to the menu and a quirky bar at one end of the restaurant. But, that simply isn’t enough.

Food Review-

Hot and Sour Soup : Vinegar and Soy, that is all I could taste. It was watery and even though people at my table seemed to enjoy it, I couldn’t understand why!

Tai Chi Chicken : Crispy outside, soft inside, but the flavours were a miss. I would have liked a thicker, stickier, slightly tangy and sweet dressing coated around the chicken but it was just chilli and vinegar.


Basil and Burnt Garlic Crispy Chicken : The chicken was crispy but the quality of chicken wasn’t great (not saying it was bad but it wasn’t good either). It had a strong herby flavour from basil but lacked the burnt garlic which could have balanced this dish better. It left an unpleasant aftertaste for some reason; I couldn’t pick out why.

Chicken Chopsuey : Chopsuey is an American Chinese dish, widely enjoyed in India. Layered with Crispy fried noodles, topped with a sweet and sour gravy, chicken and vegetables. This was a little too sweet but I still liked it better than other dishes.


Hot Garlic Chicken : Spot on garlic flavour, a little watery, but still light and delectable.

Veg Hakka Noodles : These were true Chinjabi noodles, laced with vinegar and tossed in the wok. I personally, did not like them but if you like such noodles you wouldn’t have an issue with these.

For the quality of food they serve, the prices are unjustified. The service, just like their food is mediocre and the ambience is below average. Mediocrity is not my choice of food, so it’s not a place I would visit again.

Yo! China Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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