Gopala for Dhokla, Rasgulla’s and more!

Gopala was established in 1963 and was first recognised for their premium dairy products. They later expanded into sweet, savoury and confectionary products making the brand widespread, while maintaining loyal to their logo “Quality in every bite!”

They have established a strong foothold in high-quality and pure milk products ranging from paneer to ghee. These basic ingredients found in every Indian kitchen are the most important part of the brand. Whether it’s plain paneer used while making curries or masala paneer which can be eaten independently or in a sandwich, the quality is top-notch. It’s sourced fresh every morning so you get soft, melt in your mouth paneer everyday!

Coming to their sweet section, they have a range of Indian desserts. My favourites are :  milk cake for all seasons, soothing rasgulla’s for summers and gulab jamun for indulging in winters.

Milk Cake is a deliciously sweet, soft, melt in your mouth mithai (Indian dessert) made from milk. Kalakand, a similar mithai made from khoya instead of milk is just as delicious but a creamier version laced with nuts throughout. Milk cake has a slightly granular texture and a brown colour, due to caramelisation of milk.

Rasgulla is a ball shaped dumpling of chhena (an Indian cottage cheese) and suji (semolina) cooked in light sugar syrup. It is a popular Bengali dessert, however rasgulla’s at Gopala aren’t that traditional. I would say they are the punjabi version of this bengali dessert; significantly lower in sugar (one of the main reasons I love them so much) and quite bigger in size. The texture is spongy, light and slightly chewy. They are refreshing and perfect for summer.

Gulab Jamun, a popular dessert all over South Asia is made from khoya (milk solids). Shaped into small balls and deep fried, it is then soaked in a sugary syrup flavoured with elahchi (cardamom), rose water, kewra (Pandanus flower water) or saffron. They are sweet, rich and sinful!

From their savoury options I often find myself ordering Dhokla, it makes for a perfect breakfast or mid-day snack.

Dhokla is a Gujrati dish made from fermented batter of rice and split chickpeas. Soft and spongy, it is garnished with chillies, coriander and mustard seeds.


Their Dehraduni Rusk from the confectionary section is a perfect accompaniment to morning tea. It is flavoured with sauf (fennel seeds) and perfectly toasted, setting it apart from any other rusk you might get in the supermarket.

Lebensmittel Tip – Give your usual yellow butter a skip and try their White butter to top your paranthas.  

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