Motuu’s Qila For Sindhi Food

A small, ethnic, vintage restaurant situated in one of the ‘Food Markets’ of Gurgaon – Baani Square, Motuu’s Qila has made quite a following for their Sindhi food.

Sindhi cuisine is the native cuisine of Sindhi people from Sindh, Pakistan. A typical Sindhi meal consists of a flat-bread (known as puhlka in India), rice, one gravy and one dry dish. The cuisine is majorly influenced by the region you eat it in and that is evident by the kind of meat used; like chicken and lamb being used in India and beef being used in Pakistan. The beauty of this cuisine, lies in its simplicity and focus on limited spices, imparting their full flavour making the dish taste deceptively complex.

I am not Sindhi and since I haven’t eaten much Sindhi cuisine, I can’t vouch for its authenticity. However, their menu does consist of traditional dishes like Bhugal Ghost, Dal Pakwaan and Koki.

The ambience is wooden rustic, adorned with a bicycle ,wrought iron works and Khatiyas giving it a village like atmosphere. However, the place is compact and has dim lighting which I loathe!

Food Review :

Motuu's 2.jpg

Bhugal Ghost – A traditional cardamom based curry often made with Goat Meat. At Motuu’s they use Lamb which is cooked perfectly and just falls apart from the bone. The gravy is rich and has a strong cardamom flavour with soft notes of clove. It is oily and has a strong flavour so it’s not for everyone’s palate. Having said that, I found it absolutely ravishing!

Koki – It is a popular sindhi unleavened flat-bread that can be eaten with anything from curd to curry. It is quiet thick and spiced inside. It wasn’t to my liking and felt weird in the mouth. Served with subzi and curd or anda i.e, egg curry.

Subzi served with Koki – This was intriguing as the subzi was cooked to a paste like consistency. It was a blend of lentils and eggplant with bits of potato, slight flavour of spinach and high levels of spice. It was delicious nevertheless.

Anda(Egg) Curry – The humble egg curry is cooked in different ways all around the country. Some make it tomato based while others might make it with a range of spices. The sindhi anda curry  served here feels a little bland compared to the other dishes. It wasn’t bad but just a little too simple.

All dishes are served with roti or rice. I did feel the rice wasn’t of good quality so, I hope they improve on that.

Visit Motuu’s to get your scoop of regional food and educate yourself about this complex appearing yet simple cuisine. The food is heavy and oily, so not something you can eat every week, but definitely something to indulge in once in a while. The prices are on the lower side making it easy on the pocket!

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