A Perfect Summer Meal – Amici,Saket

Summers are just around the corner and after a shopping spree you crave something light and refreshing than sinful and heavy. This time we ended up at Amici, an Italian Open Cafe. The ambience is wooden, rustic with a bit of charm and elegance. Its simple and clean. Since, it was a hot day and the A/C wasn’t as cool as we would have liked, we found a small corner which was pleasant and cooler than rest of the tables.

amici 3

The service is quick and efficient. The staff is courteous and well informed. After every dish served, the staff came to our table to ask about what we think of it. Some people might think of it as too much intrusion, but I felt its just a way to ensure that all customers get what they want, which goes to show how much the restaurant cares about their customers!

Food Review : 

Amici 2

The Felix – A beautiful refreshing salad with rocket leaves, goats cheese, orange, pine-nuts and agrodolce dressing. The bitterness of the rocket leaves balanced beautifully with the saltiness of goats cheese and the sweetness of orange. The pine-nuts are a great addition to the salad bringing a crunch factor, elevating the dish to another level. The Agrodolce dressing is a traditional sweet and sour sauce in Italian cuisine, it is typically made by reducing vinegar and sugar together. However, the dressing had more vinegar than sugar which I would say goes better for the salad, if it wasn’t over-salted. Overall, it was a great salad and ideal for a summer day. It would have been perfect if they added just a pinch less salt in the dressing, allowing the freshness and quality of the ingredients to shine.

2016-03-08 11.41.57.jpg

Calzone Verde – Calzone is a folded pizza, stuffed inside with cheese, sauce, vegetables and meat of choice. At Amici, Calzone verde is stuffed with marinara sauce, fresh mozzarella, ricotta, artichokes, olives, sweet corn and mushrooms. A beautiful thin crust calzone with just the right amount of stuffing. The marinara sauce was one of the best I have ever had! All the flavours combined so well, that I instantly fell in love with it! The sweetness of corn, tartness of olives, meatiness of mushrooms and the robust flavour of artichokes sang together on the palate.

To go with our meal we opted for Spremuta, a lemon mint soda and Lemon Mint Iced Tea. Spremuta translates to freshly squeezed juice, to which they added their own twist of mixing with soda. Both drinks were thoroughly enjoyed.

Amici Cafe is perfect for a hot sunny day! Our meal during this visit was completely vegetarian so, I can’t speak for the quality of their meat but honestly, I didn’t even feel the need for it!

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