An Artistic Buffet@ Latest Recipe

As you enter the restaurant the first thing that captures the eye, is a beautiful sculpture called ‘The Flying Man’ by Arjit Sen. The restaurant is filled with such intriguing artwork, that accentuate the clean, simplistic and refined interiors. The servers are courteous and quick. I saw one of the chefs from the live counters helping someone select dishes as his hand was injured. Such gestures mark the difference between good and exorbitant service.

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Food Review : Weekday Dinner Buffet

We began the meal with a platter of cheese and crackers. Sadly, their were only four varieties and even though I’m no cheese expert, I could tell Camembert and Red Cheddar were of top-notch quality.

Moving on to Entree, we had Fish Tikka, Mutton Seekh, Panner Tikka and Beetroot Tikki. The fish tikka was covered with raw spices on the outside which hadn’t been caramelised, however the fish was soft and flaky on the inside. The mutton seekh was melting in the mouth and the quality of mutton was beyond good! The only drawback was the amount of salt, it disrupted the harmony of spices and dominated the delicate flavours. Paneer Tikka was nice, caramelised on the outside and soft. Beetroot tikki was actually my favourite; crispy on the outside, soft inside, beautiful sweet beetroot flavour balanced with salt. It was perfect!

2016-03-04 13.26.54.jpg

To accompany these Indian delicacies, they have fun, quirky sherbets. The Rose sherbet was beautifully refreshing and not overpoweringly sweet. Aam Panna had a very faint flavour but I still enjoyed it. They had more varieties like Buttermilk and Jaljeera, which I didn’t quiet like as much.

2016-03-04 13.23.00.jpg

For Main Course, the buffet has a wide range of selections; Continental, Chinese, Sushi, Pizza, Pasta and of course Indian. We began with a chicken sausage and pork pepperoni pizza. The ratio’s of the pizza were not right, even though the pizza was thin crust, it had too little sauce to enjoy it. The chicken sausage was of exceptional quality and I actually ended up eating more sausage than pizza. The pepperoni wasn’t that great, overly salty.

We then moved on to two of the most soulful dishes in the buffet, Pan-fried chicken with mushroom stroganoff and Hungarian Goulash. Goulash is a soup or stew of meats and vegetables seasoned with paprika and other spices, there are several varieties of goulash and different interpretations of it all around the world. So, I had high expectations for the dish, however the flavours lacked depth, the lamb was undercooked and chewy, the potato was tough and it was really just a let down. The pan-fried chicken on the other hand was perfectly cooked and just falling from the bone. The mushroom stroganoff had layers of mushroom flavour, which was once again overpowered by salt! A huge disappointment, because it would have been perfect if it wasn’t overloaded with salt.

2016-03-04 13.25.21.jpg

The Indian Main Course wasn’t great either, Biryani lacked the beautiful, enticing aroma and rice were mushy. The Lal Maas was undercooked. Ghiya Chana which is one of the most authentic punjabi dishes was once again cooked perfectly, had the right flavours only to be let down by the amount of salt! They had a variety of curds as an accompaniment but it couldn’t lift the meal.

For dessert we had Chocolate Espresso mousse, Tiramisu and Gajjar Halwa. The Mousse was silky smooth, right amount of espresso and not bitterly sweet. I quiet enjoyed it. Tiramisu was perfect, I liked the balance of coffee and sweetness. Gajjar Halwa is a whole another story. Let’s just say, I left it after a single bite.

2016-03-04 13.27.38.jpg

Overall, I loved the  wide variety in the buffet but it’s majorly for main course, so, entree and desserts are a little underwhelming. Salt was a huge issue for the entire meal, I hate over-salted food! Quiet a lot of dishes were undercooked which again was just disappointing. Having said that, one of the things I really loved was, the temperature of all the dishes was maintained perfectly! I didn’t have to eat cold food; A huge issue in most buffets!

I would definitely return to Latest Recipe because, despite the issues with undercooking and salt, the flavours and quality was there. I would probably just go for À la carte next time.

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