Binge, (which literally means excessive indulgence) is one of my favourite Bakeries in Gurgaon and has been for quite a while. It started with a small shop and has now opened another branch in Sohna Road. The earlier dull and damp store has now been redecorated into a refined and plush bakery, making it more beautiful than ever!


The wooden rustic interiors with the soft touch of flowers and colourful teapots give it a European feel. They have added a few tables for seating and expanded into more choices for desserts and breads.

Food Review : 

Blueberry Cheesecake – A crumbly base with smooth, soft, fluffy marshmallow cheesecake and slightly tangy blueberry compote. The sugar crystals in the base add another texture, taking the dessert to a new level.

BIGNE 1.jpg

Chocolate Tart – The pastry is beautifully short and crumbly with a decadent dark chocolate ganache which isn’t too overly sweet or bitter.

Chocolate Mousse Cake – This was my least favourite. Chocolate overkill ! A chocolate biscuit base with chocolate mousse, dark chocolate ganache and tempered chocolate cigar. The mousse which should be the star, was too dense and not as airy as it should be.

BINGE .jpg

Caramel Custard – Creamy, soft but not as velvety smooth as it should be. The caramel wasn’t as sweet and had a slight bitter taste. It wasn’t the best.

Almond Biscotti – Biscotti is an Italian twice-cooked biscuit. Traditionally they are oblong shaped and eaten dipped in a drink. The almond biscotti at Binge is quite thinner and not exactly like a traditional biscotti. It’s not as sweet and was slightly overcooked.

Thin crust pizza base – The best you can find in town.

binge 7.jpg

Binge is a delight to visit. The variety makes you spoiled for choices and their fresh breads are an added advantage!

Binge Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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