An Almost Royal Experience – Sahib Singh Sultan

After a binge shopping experience you often find yourself in need for a relaxing and filling lunch. This time we headed to Sahib Singh Sultan in search for some Indian Delicacies.

The ambience speaks Royal Elegance. The idea is to give you the feel of a feast in a Royal Train. The theme is well executed and the folk instrumental music along with railway announcements complete it. The dim lighting and partitioned tables are perfect for a quite meal.


The service is quick and efficient. The staff however, kept talking amongst themselves, creating enough disturbance to keep us from having a nice conversation. It is possible this was because we had a late lunch and the entire restaurant was empty by then, but needless, I wasn’t very happy.

Food Review : 

Chicken Tikka Masala – The preparation was extremely well done, the blend of spices is just perfect, with slight pieces of chilli to give a hit. The chicken pieces were a little chewy. When you serve a dish like this, with boneless chicken you want it to be falling apart and just melt in your mouth soft. Sadly, it wasn’t. Otherwise it would have been a perfect dish! I recommend this with Garlic or Butter Naan.


Kacche Gosht ki Dum Biryani – Made in Hyderabadi style, it also did not meet my expectations. It was excessively oily and even though the flavours were there, it did not deliver a punch. The quality of the mutton was good.


Fresh Lime Soda – This is worth mentioning because, there are a very few restaurants who can get the balance of sweet and salty just right to make it perfectly refreshing; they did.

Overall , they did not meet my expectations. I would however, like to give them another chance, hoping that it was just a ‘bad’ day.

Sahib Sindh Sultan Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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