My Food Journey

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I don’t have a typical story of cooking and baking with my family when I was a child. My passion does not stem from recipes taught by my grandmother, mother or father. I never sat on the tabletop and licked the cake batter while my granny whisked a cake. My passion for food comes from an eternal search of putting something in your mouth that brings a smile to your face. Unlike most people, I did not start baking till I was 16yrs old and even then most of the things did not turn out great, however that never deterred me, I loved baking!

Despite being a disaster in the kitchen,I loved food. I always had a passion for finding the best delicacies and exploring different cuisines. I always wanted to try the wackiest dishes out of the menu and sometimes they were actually pretty great ! This passion indeed came from my father. He could list out the ingredients just from one bite in his mouth and took me to the coolest hangouts in town and outside. Together we searched for food everywhere, finding the best to eat in every city we visited. Our trips were often centred around places to eat than places to sightsee.

However, it wasn’t until fairly recently I realised just how much I loved it. My passion for food grew over the years, so did my techniques, I became a better baker and started loving it even more. I loved talking about food, sharing my reviews, and critiquing just about everything I ate. My daily doses came from Tv Shows and even though most people consider them to be clichés , that wasn’t the case for me. Whether it was Cake Boss , Best Food Ever or Masterchef Australia, it inspired me to become better. My biggest inspiration is Heston Blumenthal, I loved the mixing of science with food, presenting old ideas in a new way, food looking like something but actually tasting like something else, everything gastronomic! It made food cryptic and intriguing.

I have finally decided to pursue my passion and make food my career. I have always believed when you do something you love, you touch the skies; Its time I apply it to myself.

Photo :
Meat Fruit, Served at Dinner By Heston Blumenthal.
Meat Fruit is a historic dish served with a modern twist, using chicken liver and foie gras parfait with mandarin jelly.

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